lollapalooza is extraordinary
What’s in a name?
Lollapalooza as described in the English dictionary

‘An extraordinary or unusual person, thing, or event’

Lollapalooza offers an ‘eigen-zinnig perspectief’. In other words, we are able to give a refreshing perspective on where you are today, and give guidance as to where you can be tomorrow – and how to get there!
What we do
You know how sometimes you feel there is something not right in your organisation? Or that your team is not that effective anymore? And you therefore decide that you need change?

Companies and leaders often decide that they want to move from A to B just to move in another direction. But they never take the time to uncover what’s wrong with their current situation.

Lollapalooza brings a refreshing perspective on A. We also help you manage the change journey to B (or any other destination!).

How we do what we do
Have you already decided that you want to transition from A to B? But you are not sure how to convince your people what’s in it for them?

Lollapalooza will design and implement the internal communication to sell & embed your program. We call that ‘change marketing’!

What we also enjoy
Are you planning a leadership meeting or workshop with your team and need an external facilitator?

Lollapalooza can design & host your meeting. We are to the point, passionate, creative and will make most of your session.

Who I am
After 17 years of working on change projects in multinationals and being part of global teams, I know what makes me feel good about a hard days work.

I want to:

•  think and do
•  talk and write
•  analyse and energise
•  lead and follow
•  share and learn
•  create and implement

And preferably with a little humour along the way!

What people said
‘Mariken is known across all levels as vibrant and approachable with a positive and upbeat personality’
‘She managed to get our top leader (now our CEO) on all fours on the floor making a jigsaw puzzle – that’s typical for how good she is with people’
‘Mariken is a trusted advisor with a genuine style’


change management
facilitation skills
internal communication
staff engagement
project management
What we are good at
Lollapalooza excels in project-based assignments and applies professional change & communication techniques. We are known for our inclusive approach to delivering results.

We enjoy offering a refreshing perspective and translating business projects into fit for purpose solutions.

Working with international teams just adds to the fun!

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